YouTube video marketing is all the rage. After spying out what companies are doing these days, I’ve listed a few ideas to help you fabricate your own video marketing campaign.

  1. Viral Video Contests: Rather than investing hours of time creating your own videos, why not have your customers do it for you? Try creating a contest centered around your products or your products being used. Reward the winner with a gift certificate, products, or other special recognition. Here’s an example of a YouTube video contest I did for a customer recently.
  2. Video Testimonials: It’s very common to ask your customers for testimonials. Why not ask for a video testimonial? Of course, you may need to provide an incentive for this since it is a big time investment for your customer.
  3. How To Videos: “How To”, or “Do it Yourself” videos are a great way to provide useful content while at the same time promoting your website. YouTube has a category entirely to this type of video, and it is extremely popular. Be sure to link to your website from your YouTube video profile. Also, it’s very effective to offer a teaser as part of the video such as “more How-To video available at” A strong call to action will ensure your videos get responded to in the way you intended. Here’s an example from a company called planiTweb that created an SEO oriented how-to video.

Leave a comment if you have any other YouTube video viral marketing ideas or if you’ve used any of the both. Happy marketing….