Ok, so it’s probably not possible to own all 10 listings on the SERPs for your brand name, but you can certainly try.

First off, why should you care about having more than one result for your company name? From a branding point of view, it lends great credibility. Multiple results on various web properties conveys that you’re “out there” and actively engaged with your customers in many forms. From a public relations view, it’s a great way to potentially push negative press (customer complaints) off the first page.

By utilizing the hugely popular sites of the day, it’s not impossible to own at least 5 out of the 10 top spots on Google. Here’s my list for the top web properties you should have a presence on.

  1. Your Website (duh!) - If you don’t yet rank for your own company or brand name, don’t read any further in this post. You’ll want to first focus on some basic SEO tactics.
  2. LinkedIn – The most popular business professional networking site. Your profile page should rank highly for your brand name.
  3. Press Release Sites – I’ve seen press releases ranking on the first page for years after their initial release. These provide an ongoing source of branding and traffic about previous newsworthy events. PRWeb.com will get you the best results.
  4. YouTube – Post a short informational video about your company. Google loves YouTube content, so your video may instantly rank first page for your brand.
  5. Facebook – Facebook now displays a limited public profile, so it can be indexed by search engines.
  6. Myspace – Declining in light of Facebook, but still possesses great social networking capabilities. Make sure your profile page contains your brand name prominently.
  7. Squidoo – Create a Squidoo hub for your brand and link it up with your RSS feed, YouTube videos, and Flickr images.
  8. Hubpages – Similar to Squidoo and a Google favorite.
  9. Wikipedia – Not every brand is worthy of Wikipedia entry, but it’s worth a try.
  10. Technorati - Claiming your Technorati space should be the first step after creating a blog.

In addition to having a presence on the sites above, try using these tactics to create a Google indented listing.

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