I’ll admit it. I finally broke down and created a Myspace and Facebook account. Why? In this post, I share my thoughts on why every business needs a presence on social networking sites. 

  1. Brand control: A company I work for recently had a unique problem. Their brand was so popular among the demographic that uses Myspace that well meaning customers were creating profiles that appeared to be the Official myspace of the company. Customers were taking company logos and images off the company website, and pasting them on their myspace profiles. Obviously, this was a problem. Several of the myspace profiles contained content that the company did not approve of, and did not want associated with the brand. In their case, they needed an Official myspace presence in order to prevent this confusion.
  2. Your Customers Will Look There: Because these sites are insanely popular, people will likely search for your company or brand name. By adding you as a friend, they feel they are participating or becoming part of your community.
  3. They Are Great Communication Channels: When you allow your customers to add themselves as friends, you then have the ability to post bulletins to them. These bullentins can be a great way to share company news or even marketing messages.
  4. Claim Your Real Estate: Just as .com domains are becoming rare, myspace domains are also disappearing fast. You might be surprised to find that your company or brand name is already taken. If this is the case, you might want to prefix your myspace page with something like myspace.com/OfficialYourCompanyName.

I haven’t used my myspace or facebook for much yet, but I’d love to hear how anyone else uses there profiles to promote their business. Be sure to leave comment if you have any ideas.